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March 10, 2016

Civil Engineers support Discover Engineering Family Day



I Look Like A Civil Engineer hosted a photo booth where kids had their pictures taken in front of civil engineering projects to see what they’d look like as an engineer.


Last summer, I Look Like A Civil was co-founded by Lynn Mayo, vice president, Water Resources Technical Practice in Germantown, MD, and her associate, Aelisa Carr. They were inspired by the I Look Like An Engineer Twitter campaign where engineers posted pictures to challenge race and gender stereotypes.


After doing their research, the two concluded that civil engineering needed to address diversity in terms of race and gender, as well as increase all teenagers’ interest in engineering as a career. “We wanted to provide support for all civil engineers,” Lynn said, “including increasing awareness of conscious and unconscious biases. We also wanted to raise awareness of what civil engineers do to keep our built and natural environment functioning, and to promote diversity and encourage young people to consider careers in civil engineering.”


Last month, I Look Like A Civil Engineer participated in the “Discover Engineering Family Day” at the National Building Museum in Washington, D.C. The event coincided with Lynn’s effort to increase understanding about engineering and make kids feel that they could one day be an engineer.


As part of Engineers Week, “Discover Engineering Family Day” was designed to introduce 4-to-12-year olds to the wonders of engineering. “Part of our everyday mission is to inspire young people to consider civil engineering,” Lynn said. “We believe once kids realize how they benefit from engineering every day, they will be more interested in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math). We also want to make sure every kid knows that they could be a civil engineer, which is why we thought hosting a photo booth showing kids in front of a civil engineering project would be a perfect opportunity to show kids that they look like an engineer.”


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