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I Look Like A Civil Engineer to Support Discover Engineering Family Day
I Look Like A Civil Engineer is excited to be participating in Discover Engineering Family Day on February 27, 2016 from 10:00 to 4:30 at the National Building Museum in Washington DC. The event coincides with I Look Like A Civil Engineer’s effort to increase understanding about civil engineering and make kids feel that they could one day be an engineer.
Discover Engineering Family Day is designed to introduce kids age 4- to 12-years old to the wonders of engineering. It is expected to draw 9,000 to 10,000 children, parents, and teachers. Admission is free, but visitors are encouraged to make an on-site donation to the National Building Museum. Discover Engineering Family Day is part of Engineers Week which kicked off on February 21. Engineers Week celebrates engineers’ contributions to our quality of life and raises awareness of the importance of a technical education.
I Look Like A Civil Engineer is partnering with A. Morton Thomas & Associates to host a photo booth where kids can get their picture taken in front of a civil engineering project and see that they too look like an engineer. Kids will also learn about the variety of work that civil engineers do each today to improve our built and natural world, including designing skyscrapers and keeping our drinking water safe.
I Look Like A Civil Engineer’s mission is to inspire more of our young people to consider a career in Civil Engineering and to support our current civil engineers. I Look Like A Civil Engineer is changing the perception of who civil engineers are and inviting all people to consider how civil engineering affects their lives. According to Lynn Mayo, a civil engineer and co-founder of I Look Like A Civil Engineer, “Discover Engineering Family Day is a great way to introduce kids to civil and other engineering. We believe once kids realize how they benefit from engineering every day, they will be more interested in STEM. We also want to make sure every kid knows that they could be a civil engineer. That’s why we thought hosting a photo booth showing kids in front of a civil engineering project would be a perfect opportunity to show kids that they look like an engineer.”
About I Look Like A Civil Engineer
I Look Like A Civil Engineer was founded by two civil engineers, Aelisa Carr and Lynn Mayo, in the summer of 2015. They were inspired by the I Look Like An Engineer twitter campaign where hundreds of engineers posted their pictures on Twitter to challenge the race and gender stereotypes of engineers. However, after some research, they concluded that civil engineering has both a need to address diversity in terms of race and gender, and a need to increase all types of teens’ (including male) interest in civil engineering as a career choice.
I Look Like A Civil Engineer is dedicated to attracting and retaining more of our best and brightest to civil engineering to help solve some of the world’s biggest challenges.

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