Congrats to Alex for winning the I Look Like A Civil Engineer Father’s Day contest for Grades 2-4. He also was a second place winner for the Mother’s Day contest! He’s a talented kid!


My Civil Engineer Dad


My dad is a civil engineer. You can probably tell that from the title. But he’s not just any normal civil engineer. He’s cool. He works at getting tenure every day, and he still finds time to cook, play with my brother and me, and drive us to our activities. That’s pretty cool. He also is a teacher at Bucknell University, and he teaches college kids about chemicals and water and other things like that. He experiments in the lab, using tools like really, really, really hot ovens and tanks full of gases I can’t even pronounce. Well, I know how to pronounce some gases, like nitrogen, but that’s mostly the only one. But let’s get to the point. He’s funny, encouraging, and the downright best dad you could ever ask for.


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Grades 5_8_Runner-up_Reese


Runner-Up, Grade 5


My mother received her BS and MS in Civil Engineering from the University of Delaware. She has been working as a civil engineer for almost 20 years. I am inspired by her because she works so hard and put a lot of thought into her work. When I was in 3rd grade, she came to my school and made a presentation about water resources and everybody loved it. She teaches me about ecological systems that protect water resources.


What she does for me is that she loves me deeply which makes me feel safe. I have also had problems with children at school and with math, and she has helped with those things and now I am better at math and school is better. My mom helps me with everything. To me, my mom feels like the older sister I never had. Also, when I am doing normal things, she turns it in to a joke and can be funny.


My mom was inspired by an African American engineer, and I am inspired by her.


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Grades 5_8_Winner_Madeline


Winner, Grade 6


My mom does so much for my family and our community. Every single day she gets me and my siblings ready for school while preparing for her day. She takes care of us while still making our days fun. She is very smart and can help us with homework whenever we need it. She teaches us valuable lessons that we will all use later on in life. In addition, she reminds me that she will always love me no matter what and that really means a lot to me. She is sometimes very busy with work and projects but still creates time for her family which is always lots of fun. She also drives me everywhere I need to go, which in my case is something to be very thankful for.


Not only does she help our family but also our community. She plans out how to build safe roads, nice buildings, parking lots, and efficient systems for water and sewage. This isn’t even all the stuff she does either. She doesn’t just plan and maintain things, she also gives out great presentations to people of how she is going to do it. I have heard many people give her compliments, so I know she is good at her job.


In conclusion, she is such an inspiration to me because she shows me that girls can do everything and anything guys can do. I love her.


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Grades 2_4 Tied Runner-up_Leslie


Tied Runner-Up, Grade 2


My mom is a great mother in her free time and is a good engineer during her work time.


She is a good mother because she taught me to read. She understands me and calms me down when I am mad. She is a good mom because she loves me very much.


My mom is a good worker because she helps with solar plants and wind farms. She is very good at her job and I’m proud of her. She really likes her job at HDR. I love my BEST MOM EVER!


My mom is very stilled and open to challenges. I want to be like that too. That is why I think my mom is special to me and my community.


My mom was inspired by an African American engineer, and I am inspired by her.


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Grades 2_4_Winner_Kayra


Winner, Grade 3


I want to tell you about my Mom. She is the best Civil Engineer and mother ever. Why? Because even though she is always busy with me and my brother at home and her job, she is always so helpful and shares her knowledge with everyone. Our family is just three, and my Mom is everything to me. At my school, she is the only parent who is a Mother engineer. I know because the school asked my Mom to help them make a plan in case there is an earthquake while we are at school. Since my Mom is a Earthquake engineer too, she could help and she did. She prepared drills and plans for my school in case of an emergency. I was proud of her the day the principal gave her a letter thanking her for her volunteering. She helped my brother’s school with an emergency bomb threat plan when they didn’t have one. At her job at the university, she is the leader of all the engineers. Mom helped write the emergency preparedness plans for the whole country. Since she is a great engineer and always helping others, she won the chance to carry the Olympic torch in London. I was so proud of her that day watching her carry the torch I think I cried. I am always proud of my mom because she always helps people and makes a good influence. She’s my role model. I love my engineer Mom.


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Grades 2_4_Tied Runner-up_Alexander


Tied Runner-Up, Grade 3


What makes my civil engineer Mom the best Mom? A lot of things. For starters, she is very nice. I ask for an ice cream, and next thing I know I’m holding a 6 inch tall ice cream cone. You also should know that she perseveres. Now, me being a kid, this can be not so good news. She can take about 6 or 7 hours to work on 1 project. And she is always there for me. For example, if I’m shy (which I sometimes am) to go on a field trip by myself, then BAM, I got a mom chaperone. And she’s going to miss from about 1 day to 2 weeks off from work to be with my family. Now, if you know anyone who has a more awesome mom than I do, then I’ll probably faint and my mom would have to call 911. Oh, yeah. She’s concerned about me, so she’d call 911 if me or anyone else in my family has an incident. And that, ladies and gentlemen, is why my civil engineer mom is the best one.


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Grades 2_4_Tied Runner-up_Avery


Tied Runner-Up, Grade 3


My mom is a civil engineer and she inspires me because she finds out about rivers and water and she finds out a way to lead them in a different direction so that it won’t cause a flood. I like that because it will help people be sure their houses won’t be ruined.


I think it is rude when someone says they are a civil engineer and someone else says “you don’t look like a civil engineer”. It doesn’t matter what they look like, but it matters what they can do. I think that is why “I Look Like a Civil Engineer” was started so people will know that.


When I grow up I want to be just like my mom. I want to be like her because she is a great person. I know that we can make a difference!


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