Congrats to Alex for winning the I Look Like A Civil Engineer Father’s Day contest for Grades 2-4. He also was a second place winner for the Mother’s Day contest! He’s a talented kid!


My Civil Engineer Dad


My dad is a civil engineer. You can probably tell that from the title. But he’s not just any normal civil engineer. He’s cool. He works at getting tenure every day, and he still finds time to cook, play with my brother and me, and drive us to our activities. That’s pretty cool. He also is a teacher at Bucknell University, and he teaches college kids about chemicals and water and other things like that. He experiments in the lab, using tools like really, really, really hot ovens and tanks full of gases I can’t even pronounce. Well, I know how to pronounce some gases, like nitrogen, but that’s mostly the only one. But let’s get to the point. He’s funny, encouraging, and the downright best dad you could ever ask for.


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