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I am… a Water Resources Engineer, outdoor enthusiast, and avid volunteer.

I chose Civil Engineering because… it covers such a broad spectrum of disciplines, all of which are integral to everyday life.

I like my job because… I am constantly learning new things, and I get to work with some truly amazing people!

My typical day at work involves… flood hazard analysis through H&H modeling, collaboration with great coworkers, and a lunchtime walk.

I want others to know… that all of the hard work put in throughout undergrad and/or grad school is 100% worth it!

This is my story… Although I wanted to be many different things at different times in my life, engineering was always in the back of my mind. My dad is also an engineer and fostered my natural curiosity about the way the world works. At the University of Maryland, I was drawn to Civil Engineering after taking a series of introductory Architecture classes, which helped me realize that I was more interested in the technical aspects of structures. Civil Engineering is really great in that it covers such a diverse range of sub-disciplines. I am satisfied with my choice in major and look forward to continuing to develop my career. Outside of work, I can usually be found volunteering, hiking, playing tennis, or working on our fixer-upper!

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