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Kwabena Osei

I chose Civil Engineering because… I realised the work of Civil Engineers made a direct impact on how people live

I like my job because… I see my efforts turn into practical products and services

My typical day at work involves… data analysis, meetings and project scheduling

I want others to know… that to be an effective engineer you need to develop good communication skills and be able to influence people

This is my story… I grew up wanting to be a pilot until I heard that 80% of diseases in developing countries were water related. i then anted to work in a field that would address thus challenge and Civil engineering was a natural choice. I have since had a passion for the treatment and control of water. I have come to learn over the years that the challenges of water management are even much broader. I love that I work in this field that is constantly coming up with solutions to address the complex challenges of water management all around the world from flood control, drinking water, water quality, agriculture, etc.

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