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Rupeet Malhotra

I am… mom to a four year old who gets a kick out of the fact that mommy has a bulldozer and excavator at her work sites (really mom!!)

I chose Civil Engineering because… I loved science, math and dams!

I like my job because… I get to work on the wide variety of projects, some tangible and some intangible. I get a kick out of telling people that I deigned so and so bridge and approved development plans for so and so community etc. I feel that my work lets me be both in the outdoors and at a desk, and challenges me often to solve real world problems.

My typical day at work involves… a site visit, meetings, reviewing plans, modeling.

I want others to know… that Civil Engineer is not just a men's profession. I know a lot of fun, intelligent civil engineers that make a difference to the world, and so can you!!

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