Grades 2_4_Tied Runner-up_Alexander


Tied Runner-Up, Grade 3


What makes my civil engineer Mom the best Mom? A lot of things. For starters, she is very nice. I ask for an ice cream, and next thing I know I’m holding a 6 inch tall ice cream cone. You also should know that she perseveres. Now, me being a kid, this can be not so good news. She can take about 6 or 7 hours to work on 1 project. And she is always there for me. For example, if I’m shy (which I sometimes am) to go on a field trip by myself, then BAM, I got a mom chaperone. And she’s going to miss from about 1 day to 2 weeks off from work to be with my family. Now, if you know anyone who has a more awesome mom than I do, then I’ll probably faint and my mom would have to call 911. Oh, yeah. She’s concerned about me, so she’d call 911 if me or anyone else in my family has an incident. And that, ladies and gentlemen, is why my civil engineer mom is the best one.


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