Grades 2_4_Winner_Kayra


Winner, Grade 3


I want to tell you about my Mom. She is the best Civil Engineer and mother ever. Why? Because even though she is always busy with me and my brother at home and her job, she is always so helpful and shares her knowledge with everyone. Our family is just three, and my Mom is everything to me. At my school, she is the only parent who is a Mother engineer. I know because the school asked my Mom to help them make a plan in case there is an earthquake while we are at school. Since my Mom is a Earthquake engineer too, she could help and she did. She prepared drills and plans for my school in case of an emergency. I was proud of her the day the principal gave her a letter thanking her for her volunteering. She helped my brother’s school with an emergency bomb threat plan when they didn’t have one. At her job at the university, she is the leader of all the engineers. Mom helped write the emergency preparedness plans for the whole country. Since she is a great engineer and always helping others, she won the chance to carry the Olympic torch in London. I was so proud of her that day watching her carry the torch I think I cried. I am always proud of my mom because she always helps people and makes a good influence. She’s my role model. I love my engineer Mom.


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