Grades 5_8_Winner_Madeline


Winner, Grade 6


My mom does so much for my family and our community. Every single day she gets me and my siblings ready for school while preparing for her day. She takes care of us while still making our days fun. She is very smart and can help us with homework whenever we need it. She teaches us valuable lessons that we will all use later on in life. In addition, she reminds me that she will always love me no matter what and that really means a lot to me. She is sometimes very busy with work and projects but still creates time for her family which is always lots of fun. She also drives me everywhere I need to go, which in my case is something to be very thankful for.


Not only does she help our family but also our community. She plans out how to build safe roads, nice buildings, parking lots, and efficient systems for water and sewage. This isn’t even all the stuff she does either. She doesn’t just plan and maintain things, she also gives out great presentations to people of how she is going to do it. I have heard many people give her compliments, so I know she is good at her job.


In conclusion, she is such an inspiration to me because she shows me that girls can do everything and anything guys can do. I love her.


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