Grades 5_8_Runner-up_Reese


Runner-Up, Grade 5


My mother received her BS and MS in Civil Engineering from the University of Delaware. She has been working as a civil engineer for almost 20 years. I am inspired by her because she works so hard and put a lot of thought into her work. When I was in 3rd grade, she came to my school and made a presentation about water resources and everybody loved it. She teaches me about ecological systems that protect water resources.


What she does for me is that she loves me deeply which makes me feel safe. I have also had problems with children at school and with math, and she has helped with those things and now I am better at math and school is better. My mom helps me with everything. To me, my mom feels like the older sister I never had. Also, when I am doing normal things, she turns it in to a joke and can be funny.


My mom was inspired by an African American engineer, and I am inspired by her.


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